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1 x GOLDRINK GOLDNUTRITION 1KG : orange, lemon-lime or tropical fruit

1 x FAST RECOVERY 1KG: orange, passion fruit or wild berries

1 x ZMA 


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To properly replenish your energy and strength levels, without pain, follow our recommendation for the ideal combination of supplements. You won't regret it!

Recovery is key to reach peak performance, and can be divided in three phases:

- phase 1: the objective is to stimulate the blood flow which carries nutrients (carbs and amino acids) to the muscles, and to remove the accumulated lactic acid.

- phase 2: the focus is towards re-hydration and the replacement of glycogen.

- phase 3: Glycogen replacement carries on, but at a lesser rate than phase 2, so the athlete needs to up its consumption of carbohydrates and slow absorption proteins.


Goldrink is a delicious isotonic formula, which re-hydrates, and replaces the main minerals and sugars lost during physical exercise. 

It also contains vitamins and other plant extracts like Ginkgo Biloba.

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Fast Recovery is the ideal recovery drink. It contains specific vitamins and minerals, fast absorption whey, amino-acids, and fast absorption carbohydrates.

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ZMA is a clinicaly developed and registered mineral anabolic formula. It replenishes the usual deficiencies in zinc and magnesium commonly found in athletes, and essential for muscular functions.   

It is also an anabolic formula, which increases your recovery levels by repairing muscle tissues and, it produces anabolic growth hormones while sleeping.

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