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EXTREME GELS TAURINE w/BCAA's - GoldNutrition Hong Kong
EXTREME GELS TAURINE w/BCAA's - GoldNutrition Hong Kong


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  • to maintain energy levels 

  • to prevent muscle loss

  • to provide the body with essential minerals lost with sweat

  • to combat and delay the feeling of fatigue

  • for endurance sports

  • for all sports lasting over 1 hour 

1. Presentation

- One unit gel: 40g

- Flavours: apple or strawberry
(if stock allows, we can arrange a box of mixed flavours: contact us)


Composition per each gel (40G): Proteins. 0.16g; Carbohydrates: 25.6g; lipid: <0.1g; Taurine: 50mg, L-leucine: 80mg, L-valine: 40mg, L-isoleucine: 40 mg; Sodium: 35.2mg; Potassium: 35.2mg, and vitamins: B1 (0.1mg), B2 (0.1mg), B3 (1.52mg), B6 (0.15mg), c (8.8mg), and e (4.4mg).

2. Description

EXTREME GEL WITH TAURINE GOLDNUTRITION® is a tasty gel and is easy to absorb. It is composed of highly glycemic, and rapid absorption sugars.

It also contains minerals and branched chain amino acids that allow to keep blood sugar levels stable. It restores the most important minerals lost during workouts, prevents fatigue and helps preserve muscle mass due to its high protein content.

The presence of Taurine will help increase concentration levels and prevent fatigue.

This gel is ideal for athletes undergoing prolonged, strenuous workouts like cyclists, triathletes, marathoners or collective sports 

3. Daily dose

Take 1 gel before group classes or cardio session, or outdoor session, and 1 gel every sixty minutes after the first hour of endurance sport.



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