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All GOLDNUTRITION® dietary supplements are manufactured in certified laboratories in Germany, Spain and the UK, using internationally certified raw materials, that leverage GOLDNUTRITION ® proprietary formulas. 

From production to distribution, we make sure all steps are dully followed to ensure a high quality standard to our customers. 




Our partner laboratories are required to provide certificates of Microbiological Analysis, Certificates for Heavy Metals, Doping analysis and Certificates of Formulation. 


Each batch is analysed, and through constant audits we can guarantee that all our partners are in accordance with our stringent specifications.




We guarantee that the products are scientifically proven safe, and to strictly abide to their ingredient formulations and ratios, in order to maintain and increase athletic performance. 


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 Doping Tested

All our products are submitted to extensive testing to guarantee that all are produced free from any doping substance included in the international doping list.

We guarantee that our products are manufactured free of any doping substance, and with certified raw ingredients


goldnutrition doping tested


Our supplement descriptions all display the integral composition of the ingredients employed.


If you wish to review our product certificates, such as certificates for heavy metal analysis, certificates of analysis or the doping free certificates, you can contact us directly.