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Who we are

Goldnutrition is an European Sports Nutrition company with operations in South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.
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The Company is focused on the following areas:

    • Functional Nutrition
    • Weight loss
    • Sports Nutrition
    • Health Care and Wellness
    • Anti-aging
Since its creation in 2000, GoldNutrition's ongoing mission has been to bring to the market safe and natural alternatives to the shortages of essential nutrients found in modern day industrial based diets.

A dedication to quality

All our supplement formulas are created by our expert and certified sport nutritionists.
Our manufacturing partners operate from EU certified laboratories located in Germany, the UK and Spain, and where the selection of raw ingredients used in our formulas meet with all international quality standards.

Goldnutrition in Hong Kong

Goldnutrition in Hong Kong specialises in two areas of supplementation: Sport Nutrition and Functional Nutrition

Sport Nutrition

The efficiency and quality of our products, come from both scientific research and experimental investigation.

Our attention to quality have continuously proven to enable our sponsored athletes to reap excellent results in their trainings, as well as in competitions.

Our supplement line work at different levels to  bring the best results, and cover different necessities of elite and casual athletes, from supporting physical performance, to injury prevention and post work out recovery. 

Functional Nutrition

As more athletes seek to solve health problems through natural therapies, we launched in 2009 GOLDNUTRITION CLINICAL® with the purpose to provide sport therapists and athletes with natural adapted solutions to treat health problems and injuries, and strengthen the organism to withstand the continuous physical stresses imposed by competitive sporting activities.

These natural therapeutic supplements boost up the immune system and intervene on specific type of injuries or deficiencies caused by poor nutrition, excessive training, fatigue and physical wear.


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